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Our Rooms

First Opened in 1875

Village Green Family Restaurant

The Bar

The bar area at the Dog and Castle, the WoodWalton village pub, is a cozy and inviting space where locals and visitors alike can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink in a friendly atmosphere.

The Restaurant

The restaurant at the Dog and Castle, a charming village pub, offers a delightful culinary experience with its menu featuring classic pub dishes, a renowned Sunday Lunch, and a selection of delectable plates influenced by the chef’s international travels.

Outside Catering, BBQ & Pool

The venue is taking advantage of its spacious grounds and expansive beer gardens by offering an array of outdoor catering options, including BBQs and hog roasts, to cater for weddings and events. With a new pool set to be installed later this year, the venue is poised to become the ultimate destination for summertime fun. Additionally, the inclusion of food trucks for outside catering events adds an exciting element to the venue’s catering offerings.